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Help! my legs are just getting worse any advice???

Hi i was recently diagnosed in October but have had MS symptoms for the past 5 months as my left leg has been disabled for that time, but yesterday my right leg started feeling tense and now find it very difficult to get round the house, I also dont think the NHS has been good with still no physio.

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8 years ago

Hey Ramiro, You are not alone, I was diagnosed in August and its my right leg that is poor.
Try and get to the gym stay as fit as possible, be strong and be positive. Give me a shout if you need anything. Dont let the MS define you. You have MS, it doesnt have you. Nick

8 years ago

If you can’t wait for the NHS, then see if there is an MS Therapy Centre near you:
They will usually have physios plus other therapies which can help. They usually ask for a ‘donation’ towards therapies but have the philosophy that they will not turn away people who cannot afford treatment. It will definitely be quicker to be seen by someone!

8 years ago

Ramiro, have a look through the services that are available locally on this site :-
There is a specialist physio down in Catford that may be able to help you.

8 years ago

Half a teaspoon of turmeric in milk or with water and honey. People are reluctant to try it, but is a cheap alternative which can help.

8 years ago

My MS Nurse said that she has contacted the physios and they should contact me within the next few days, she has also asked the consultant neurologist to see me in order to get some more steroids so it looks good.
Thank you very much GMG and Stumbler I will check the websites out now as I just had a quick browse and they look very helpful thank you very much.
Thank you DJDsouza I will try that out hopefully it will help.
Thank you very much lord daresbury that message was a boost in the way I was feeling it really made me feel positive.
You have all been very helpful and supportive I am glad that I was given this website.

8 years ago

my physio told me to strech all my muscles daily so i did as i was told.i did’nt bother for 3 or 4 days & my legs went tight.since then it’s back in my daily routine & my legs are a lot better.i’ve been lucky with NHS & have direct phone numbers to all of my specialists but if i think they are slackin i’m soon chewing some ears.don’t worry about pestering people for treatments and did’nt ask to be in the situation you are in & deserve attention if you need docs n nurses say it depends where you live on how good the system works

8 years ago

I am glad that your legs have gotten better that’s good to hear and I will follow your advice thank you very much, I just want to add I was given some exercises by a private physio but they don’t seem to be working as my right leg which was recently affected by a second relapse has lost all sensitivity and movement as well so now both legs are the same so getting around the house is really hard, I don’t know how I’m going to get to the hospital on Wednesday to see the consultant neurologist.

About your point on what your docs and nurses said well I live in London the so called “great capital” unfortunately I feel different don’t get me wrong I loved it when I was apparently fine a few years ago but I’ve had the MS symptoms for the past 4 years as I have had what I now know as relapses but they weren’t as strong and they only just gave me an MRI scan 3 months ago and then it took 2 months to see a Neurologist for her to tell me I have MS so I think that the NHS system in London is very slow.
But I guess at least I now know what I have, now whats left is just fighting it.

8 years ago

Hope you are feeling better. I have recently started been seen by a massage physiotherapist which is great. My feet are now are normal colour again! My legs now a bit useless (but hey from knees up ok), but he feelas that over time may be able to stand for a bit longer as still have sesitivity in my legs and the muscle is still there. Used to have really ticklish feet and got far too excited as could feel it when he ran finger along soles of feet on Thurs.

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