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50 drops of vitamin D a day?

Hi all
My neurologist asked me to take 50 drop of vitamin D per day

I didnt take because i feel stupid to say this but i didn’t understand the dose he gave me liquid vitamin D in small pot or idk what its called in english
And something like an i jection but its not thats not the part i dont get

What i dont get id that thing like injection had 1 ml and the top of it so i need to fell it all to reach it

But after three months he gave me same tool but 1ml is two cm high only not like the older one
I neither used any
Is that normal

Tge second question can i use it 50 times un one go in a cup of juice or milk all 50 at once

He said MS doesnt cause me pain in my knees vitamin d deficiency does

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7 months ago

@nutshell88 , your Neurologist shouldn’t be prescribing anything which has unclear instructions. You need to seek clarification if you’re not sure how much to take.

7 months ago

You’re in Saudi – is that correct? It’s not like you suffer from lack of sun?

Has your Vit D level ever been tested?

The question you want to ask is what is the overall dose (expressed in IU – International Units) they want you to achieve?

Is it possible to get oral (tablet) of Vit D3 (Cholecalciferol) where you are?

Can you ask your neurologist to explain the reasoning behind the 50 drop a day idea?



7 months ago

My vitamin D level is 16 dr said
Its possible to have tablet but I rather have liquid
He said if not we are gonna give you more dose in short time
He said the reason why i suffer pain in my knee is not consuming vitamin D

7 months ago

So for knee pain, not MS. I misunderstood you.

7 months ago

Maybe for both not sure. But he said my leg/knee pain is not like MS pain ive never felt stabbing i hardly ever feel numbness it passes in minuts i just feel pain in leg knee bones
I feel stiffness in my legs yes thats ms but bones more

7 months ago

@dominics besides I have hyper flexibility i guess thats whats called since childhood its genitic
Have never tried to sort this condition out properly
Maybe it causes pain now i feel bones in my knees shoulders crushing hehe

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