Last reply 9 months ago
3 hours gone 3 hours to go

Just had gelineya
I didn’t feel anything
Its gone with the water ._.
Then peanut butter bread then pancakes and coffee
Still feel nothing ._.

Weight 46 kg
Blood pressure was 100/85
One minutes after Gilenya 94/82

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9 months ago

@nutshell88 , it’s not mandatory for you to suffer side-effects! 😉

9 months ago

@nutshell88, hope you remain unaffected. I’ve had hardly any bother with Tecfidera, hope you’re the same x

9 months ago

Most likely you would not see anything. The only effects of Gilenya that I had were:

1) Increase in Liver Enzymes after 3 months blood work, which came back to normal in 6 months.
2) Lowering of Lymphocyte count (which is expected and is the way it works).

My first day monitoring was uneventful.

9 months ago

I didnt feel anything i left hospital exCtly as i got in
Doctors and MD nurse warned me of the side effect and he said it lowers immune more than tecfidera and rebefvand aubsgiwarned of skin cancer but they said no one in their hospital suffered any side effects for 6 years
@arknat they aide thwy’ll keep xhecking in me to avoid somwthing like that happening

I hopw u never suffer any harm ever

@stumbler it sowant dare even because if i auffered i’s kick it out of my life
But now we’ll share future together 🙂

9 months ago

@nutshell88 , so a bit of a non-event……..

Remember that Gilenya will suppress your immune system, which may leave you vulnerable to coughs and sneezes.

9 months ago

@stumbler yep i know they said i asked them so how would ibtreat myself of flu they said emegency
I said can i have vaccinations they said never
I said what if i went to crowded places ex mecca
They said you’d face would be covered you’ll be fine

Last month my sister got flu gave it to mum and wee bro then mum gave it to old bro old bro gave it to wee sis we sis gave it to dad i was like ._. What about me lol

Guess i’ll get loads from now on specialy in this season

9 months ago

Save me a pancake please!
Keep smiling

9 months ago

Lol @highlander
They gave ma 4 meals because i brought 3 companions .-. Yiu know i was anxious at first so my dad mum house keeper came with me
Hospital served us 4 breakfast/lunch
If you were a forth companions i would of shared wi you lol

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