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1st MRI today

Hi all
After months of waiting – I finally had an MRI this morning of my brain and whole spine! What an experience – I felt I knew what it would be like to be kidnapped by aliens 😊
Now that it’s done I’m partly terrified that they’ll find something – but I’m kind of equally terrified that they won’t!
My symptoms have been a real struggle and they have been changing and increasing. What a weird feeling to sort of hope that I do have MS, or a diagnosis of something, so that I’ll at least have an answer and get help. It all feels very real now and it’s scary – I’ll have my results on 5th June and wonder how long this journey will be. I’ve only told 2 people at the mo so it helps to come here and chat it through.
Sorry for the ramble!

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9 months ago

I had my MRI a few months ago and would never want one again i couldnt stand it. I didn’t tell many people till I got it atleast by that point you have some facts of what’s going on etc.

9 months ago

Hi! I hope your wait time passes smoothly!

I wait another 6 weeks for my first MS related MRI. I did have one about a decade ago after a shoulder injury. It is quite the experience, isn’t it?!

What kinds of symptoms are you having?
Even with out a diagnosis, I have made many small changes to my life and routine to work with the symptoms I am having.

I put my keys in the same place as soon as I am in the door. If I don’t, I will spend far too long searching for them – even though they are in my coat pocket..

We’ve changed out our glassware to ones I can keep a better grip on.

Is there anything you want to chat about?
Ramble away all you need to 😁

9 months ago

Hi nat91 – it was an experience and not easy lying still for an hour with jerky legs!

Hi melanie_grace
I’ve the numbness and pins and needles often. Trouble swallowing/ choking, weak voice, tight chest, trouble walking/tripping with my right leg. Vision loss in one eye and double vision. Muscle spasms, restless limbs and various other things on and off for several years. And yes I’m a bit forgetful and have trouble with my words. But embarrassing walking and sounding plastered on the bad days! Looking forward to hopefully finding out what’s going on with this bag of bones of mine

9 months ago

That was my worst nightmare being stuck in a tube but I just talked myself into it knowing I had to do it if there was any chance of getting better πŸ‘

9 months ago

When I had my first MRI scan I was convinced I would be told I had a brain tumour and was relieved that it was MS initially and now 9 years down the line I have only just about come to terms with how it affects my daily life and how much I am constantly having to adapt to new symptoms.
I hope your scan reveals something that can be put right however if you become an MS Warrior like us on here we are all here to support and strengthen each other no matter what.
Keep us posted.
Best wishes Helen

9 months ago

Hi marie_anne,
I hope you will find a diagnosis and an effective treatment soon! In the meantime, write everything you want.

I don’t speak much with my friends about MS (not even all of them knows), because they find it hard to understand and I’m not great at expressing feelings, so I’m so glad that exists!

9 months ago

Hi Marie-ann, I had to have 3 different scans one after the other but I could only take 2 they are horrible things. I wasn’t jerky as such more like I was panicing more than anything so I was breathing too heavy.

You will have to keep us updated with what’s going on and hopefully you not waiting around too long

9 months ago

Thanks everyone! It’s a journey I don’t want to be on, but it is what it is.
I’m scared but I’m ready to know what’s going on. I was on holiday last week and for a few days I felt like someone was standing on my chest and I was struggling to breathe, then almost every time I had a drink I choked- it’s not fun and I need to know what’s going on!
I could go on lol but for now I’ll just say thanks guys, it really does help to chat about it with people who are walking the walk. It helps a lot actually x

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