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✨ Velvet beans and wishful dreams✨

Good news and bad news!
Well my symptoms of 26 yrs of multiple sclerosis, (been secondary progressive since 2013) have gone down hill faster than Hamilton in a Ferrari….So I have been searching in vain for something that helps. (Since 2013, before then it was manageable and I had a good life – take note newly diagnosed)

So I’ve bought every supplement, exercised like the green goddess and had my own psychotherapy business and a hot younger man….in other words I did everything I could to stay independent and healthy for as long as I could, my way?

But then my cerebellum started playing up and I was diagnosed with cerebellum ataxia, my cerebellum was damaged. This can apparently precipitate the onset of a horrible life limiting condition called multiple system atrophy. I am waiting to see my neurologist and praying this isn’t the cause of my vast and sudden decline and MSA symptoms arg! Anyway….

I’ve found the ole quality of life diminishing rapidly; put it that way.

Well, after much research and dead ends; I found a herb called mucuria puriens, natural dopamine. Of which I seem to be bereft of: and synthetic.

“Another component to healthy myelin appears to be proper action of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine . The healthy signaling
of these neurotransmitters stimulates the glial cells to produce the myelin and repair the damage in patients with multiple sclerosis. Symptoms of a dopamine deficiency are:
• Feelings of hopelessness
• Inability to handle stress or anger while under stress
• A preference to isolate yourself from others
• An unexplained lack of concern for family and friends
• Easily distracted from tasks or can’t finish tasks
• Decreased libido
• A need to consume caffeine to stay alert
• Losing your temper for minor reasons

Well that’s me dopamine dead, because that’s how thing thing was rolling with me, making the physical stuff a lot harder to cope with

I read a super compelling experience of taking it and that convinced me to try it. I’ll try and send the link.

Anyway, I feel miles better in myself, miles ! and I just wanted to spread the word. I It’s called velvet bean, or macura puriens

Love n lite to all ✨♥️🌈💋♥️✨
…..✨and a special sparkle for @grandma

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6 months ago

most of what you have written I will revisit as it confused me so early in the morning but I just felt a quick Hi was a polite introduction and to say that I will read your post again as I have little idea of how to help but feel there must be some common ground where we could help one another. I write a monthly blog my details are on there and I hopefully will get back you later, until then, take care x

6 months ago

Thank you for responding @rogersouthall to that nonsense post! I tried to cut n paste some links to this bean and the compelling evidence, but muddled my words on the post and cut and pasted my post twice by accident instead – doh!

In synopsis, I have spms, which caused me to fall backwards; leading to a
Diagnosis of cerebellum ataxia, which can lead to multiple system atrophy, for which I have a lot of symptoms for – including a lack of dopamine,for which I think a lot of us suffer from it can suffer from?

I have an appointment with the neurologist in August, where we will discuss the MSA and in the meantime I’ve found this bean to be very helpful, so wanted to share!

I always read your blog and it’s great! Thank you for reaching out, much appreciated and kind of you x

I also gave a shout out to @grandma because I wanted her to know i/we are thinking of her ✨🌈♥️✨

6 months ago

Mermaidia, thank you, and I am now fully understanding your post, I will look into the Bean as any help is welcome.
Keep well and feel free to get in touch whenever x

6 months ago

I’ve heart about this subject more than once and mostly by Egyptian doctors I hope it works for you plz keep us updated

6 months ago

Hello @mermaidia11, thanks for your post. I will deffo investigate this, so thanks for posting twice! Good luck with your appointment in August, let your chums know how it goes…..xx

6 months ago

My ‘beans’ are arriving today and I’m excited to try them. Thanks. xx

5 months ago

@mermaidia11, in answer to your question on another’s post: I take 1 a day in the morning with food, and so far no dramatic improvement. But ill stick with it. It is probably doing me good in ways I can’t detect- yet! They may be helpful to a friend with PD too. This cooler weather is more like it, isn’t it. xx

5 months ago

@merfield glad you are trying it out mate – I think day 3 I started feelin a bit better, despite the unbearable heat ! I can’t regulate my body temp at all, it’s soo annoying so yes v glad that it’s broken… for now…

I first heard about it on a Parkinson’s website funnily enough, so yes maybe helpful to your friend, well worth looking into – my personal view is that the dirty drugs cause as many problems as they solve and I’d rather be alive, than just living/existing …
You stay cool and keep us posted ✨♥️🌈💕😎✨

5 months ago

Hi @mermaidia11, hope you don’t mind but I’ve edited your post so you’re not repeating yourself! One day we’ll get an edit post button in place to make life easier for you guys.

5 months ago

As you know I variously suggest low dose Naltrexone for all aspects of MS. It’s difficult to learn about yourself, and I’ve written a lot about it already, though in this particular case, I think it would really help

5 months ago

Thanks @amyshift for stepping in and taking the duplicate off finally ! Appreciated!

And @shtanto I too have posted over the years about LDN and have been and continue to take it.

Honestly? I’ve only noticed a marginal improvement thus far..but I’m not takin any chances by stopping it

But the apathy and swings in emotions have become extreme of late, hence further research and the discovery that low dopamine levels are common in people with MS; and this bean is a natural form of dopamine; which I feel; has helped me.

I was just sharing in case any one else identified with a dopamine deficiency and didn’t know about this bean (like the chap who has been banging his head against s brick wall with low testosterone- which this also helps FYI )

5 months ago

Sorry to hear the LDN isn’t doing everything you might hope for. some folks take Tavist with it to boost it’s effects. The folks in Dicksons Chemists can tell you all about it.

Mental side is always the most difficult for me too. Mushrooms (for me) are the most effective treatment. I’m thrilled to hear ‘bean’ also helps with low testosterone as well. 🙂

5 months ago

@shtanto thanks ! Yes girls need testosterone too! Low testosterone can cause one or more of the following symptoms in women:
* sluggishness
* muscle weakness
* fatigue
* sleep disturbances
* reduced sex drive
* decreased sexual satisfaction etc
But I have been taking the velvet bean primarily for the dopamine- which is a neurotransmitter.

By tavist do u mean Clemastine? If so, yes take that too and my own GP prescribes that !

The LDN and clemastine have helped my immune system, but havnt done much for my mood, hence why I researched/discovered the velvet bean on a Parkinson’s blog – and as I have Parkinson’s symptoms as well, thought it might help…

5 months ago

You’re well on the case so 🙂
Only route left to explore would be to ask Dicksons in Glasgow for ideas. If they’ve not heard of it, it’s probably not worth knowing much about. Best bet for mood in my experience is magic mushrooms (lol, or so I understand, *cough*). Tai Chi comes in joint second with yoga for me. Are you taking alpha lipoic acid (ALA) as well?

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