The Energy

In 2015/16 there were 209 people in The Energy. Of these, 27 individuals gave their time, skills and enthusiasm to help the core service continue and grow; 118 individuals gave time to help drive forward projects such as MS Reporters, Thought Sort and the Twitter Takeover; and 64 individuals raised funds to support the organisation.


Hours donated to

Our volunteers are passionate about supporting and put a lot of energy into their role. When recruiting volunteers for roles we always look to our MS community first and foremost and a large majority of our volunteers have MS, however this doesn’t deter them from carrying out their role.


Volunteers and project participants donated 3,544 hours of their time during 2015/16, which is equivalent to in excess of two full time members of staff.


The Energy roles

Volunteers fulfil a variety of roles for These include moderating the site, welcoming new members, creating content for social media, conducting research, interviewing experts and testing new developments on the site.

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The majority of the time people work remotely but some go the extra mile by meeting with the team in person at the office. All of these roles are important in their own way and help the organisation to sustain and grow for the good of the MS community.


Volunteers like John, Cat and Melissa have been volunteering with the organisations for roughly two years or more. We continue to have new volunteers like Heather, Natalie and Anjna that shown great commitment to their roles and gone beyond what is expected of them.

What members of The Energy say

Volunteers join The Energy for a variety of reasons. When recently asked, individuals shared with us that they volunteer for because:

* To increase self confidence
* They’re passionate about the organisation
* It’s a way for them to meet other MSers
* To learn new skills
* To help and be productive


When asked recently what The Energy meant to them, volunteers responses included:

“The Energy’ represents my enthusiasm and motivation to support this project. I feel the empowerment of people with MS is timely and highly valuable for the MS community. I am pleased to be working with you on this project.”


“A community whose aim is to keep the gears of Shift.MS running with pride.”


“The Energy is a group of people who are hoping to make a difference to the lives of MSers.”


“It means taking back some of the bad side effects of this condition and trying to make something good out of it, to empower and hopefully connect with others who have this condition.”


Thank you to organisations that support The Energy of

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