Working with an industry partner, is commissioning ten artists to create images to display at the ECTRIMS conference (European Comittee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis), held in London, September 2016. is an online community aimed at the recently diagnosed. is built on users supporting each other – we believe in information from experience. Along with providing a platform for peer-to-peer support, we also produce digital tools and content to support our 9,000+ members. We often work with MSers to help visualise the topics that are key to our community; the creation of an artwork is a way of unpicking what it’s like to live with MS.


Each artist will create an image in response to a key statistic of Multiple Sclerosis, resulting in a collection that covers a range of issues.


Out of the 9,000 participants attending ECTRIMS 2016, none are patients. The content will be presented in a manner that will give us the ability to reach tens of thousands of MSers and physicians beyond the conference. would like to present additional digital content to the community, covering the journeys of a selection of the artists involved. It will consist of imagery, audio and text from the project as well as video footage. Each participant will be supplied with a kit for generating this content.


Desired Outcomes

An image created in response to a statistic on living with multiple sclerosis (choice of statistics will be provided).

Things to consider

  1. Your work should be a response, or a way of documenting your response to the statistic.

    (While the final outcome must be a high res, digital image, don’t let this curb your ambition. If you create physical work then think how the image could intertwine with or represent your project.)
  2. You might capture a process rather than the final objects.
  3. Your work will be displayed alongside the statistic at the ECTRIMS conference.
  4. Each artist is encouraged to produce supporting content to show the development of their project through video, audio, sketches, words and any other means necessary.
  5. This is a commission and we’ll always respect your copyright ownership as the originating artist. We would however, as part of the legal agreement between us, like to use the work and the documented content in our digital outreach tool. We’d also like the permission to use the work and surrounding content to further the voice and mission of the project and Shift.Ms.


  1. A final image.
  2. At least three blog entries.
  3. Supporting content showing the development of the project.


While we would like to keep a stream of communication open between and the commissioned artists with regular catch ups, the key project dates to consider are the following:


Initial response to brief: Friday April 1st


Statement of intent (face to face): Between 30th May & 1st June


Final Submission: Friday 15th July

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