Should I call my MS Nurse when…?

The MS nurse is a critical part of the MS care team. They are often the first port of call and have the most contact with an individual living with MS. However, there is little information available for people living with MS on how to make the most of their relationship with their MS nurse, with many MSers are not in contact with an MS nurse at all.

Until now, there has been no information about contacting your MS nurse as an MSer in the unique patient-led format that MS Reporters provides. With the support of Biogen, this MS Reporter series set out to provide answers and clarity about MS nurses, so that people with MS can make informed decisions about managing their condition. The four episodes have also offered MS Specialist Nurses an insight into how they are perceived by people living with MS, and into patient needs that may be currently unmet.


MS Reporters videos in this series:


Episode 1 – My MS Nurse is…




Episode 2 – When should I call my MS Nurse?




Episode 3 – What MS Nurses need from you




Episode 4 – How to make the most of your MS Nurse