Progression is often the elephant in the room, serving to build fear and trepidation for people who are living with MS.

Through investigative conversations that unpick the human side of the topic, ‘Is my MS progressing?’ kick started positive discussions about progression to help anyone with MS, no matter where they are on their journey.
We joined Robby and Suk, MSers living with SPMS and RRMS, for no-holds-barred conversations around a difficult topic in MS care. The interviews in this series range from open discussions between both MS Reporters and clinical experts on what progression feels like, to emerging research, to how people with MS can affect their long-term outcomes today.

This MS Reporters series, supported by Novartis, complements Novartis’ wider work around progression, including a white paper to be presented at Parliament, and a series of portraits commissioned to tell the stories of MSers as they adapt to changes in the disease.
These videos make up our highest performing MS Reporters series to date.


There are 3 episodes in this series:


Episode 1 – What does MS progression feel like?



Episode 2 – What’s the latest research in progressive MS?



Episode 3 – What can I do about MS progression?