MS, my Baby & Me: Final Report

This groundbreaking MS Reporter series sets out to explore a time of life that many people with MS have concerns about; the period immediately following childbirth. It’s a time filled with emotion for all parents, but for those with MS it presents many additional challenges – none more so than balancing the needs of the newborn with those of the parent living with MS.

With the support of Merck, is proud to have created engaging, MSer-led content on a topic that has not previously been explored in real depth in relation to MS. This series is strengthened by questions generated by the MS community, led by Reporters who are mothers at different stages on their parenthood and MS journey, and answered by one of the best-placed experts on MS and postpartum care, Dr Ruth Dobson.


This series featured 3 episodes:


Episode 1, ‘Surprises, challenges, life changes’

In this first episode, our 3 MS Reporters share their expertise to explore the questions: What were the biggest surprises about the postnatal period? What were the key challenges? And what decisions did you come to to manage your MS with a newborn? Join Rosie, Carla and Grace on their Skype call for the answers.


Episode 2, ‘Ask the Expert’

In this video, Grace calls up Dr Ruth Dobson, an MS neurologist with professional experience of pregnancy and the postpartum period in people with MS. Grace asks burning questions gathered from a community of parents with MS, with topics ranging from DMTs, to mental health, to how healthcare teams might work together during the postnatal period.


Episode 3, ‘Our Postpartum Top Tips’

In this final episode of ‘MS, my Baby and Me’, Grace, Rosie and Carla are back to share their experiences of the postpartum period – everything from their lifelines in caring for a newborn baby while living with MS, to things they wish they had done differently. We also hear top tips from a network of mums with MS, who have been there before and have so much wisdom to share.


This MS Reporter series was supported by Merck. Merck and worked together to determine the series topic. Merck had no further input.