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3 days ago

@sarah_williams I went to my Doctor about 10 years ago with concerns. Both baby toes were numb & tingling (they still are)… I knew something was wrong; did not know what…

Had spine surgery just below my skull about 5 years ago since my left arm went completely dead; while not recuperating properly, the surgeon noticed my foot drag. The MRI confirmed MS.

I have no medical background, yet I know my body. Almost everything above my waist is nerve damage. Almost everything below my waist is MS related. The fact that I never complained about anything health wise until my mid-50’s proves to me I am not a hypochondriac.

You know your body better than anyone else; including those in the medical field. If you have a track record of not complaining, the odds are you are not a hypochondriac. So yes, keep detailed (yet concise) notes – then bring them along when seeing your specialists…