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1 week ago

I am in same boat……
My position I did for 7 years as a senior account manager for an international automotive company, it include travelling all over the which was great!
I’ve got RRMS and compared to most i considered it to be light…..however cognitive problems have been occcuring more and more. I have problems with memory, focus, learning, retaining information just to name a few….
I was made redundant 2 weeks ago after 5 months on furlough. I feel i can’t do a similar role for someone else as I’d have difficulties in learning etc.
At this same time, I am going through a nasty divorce, worried financially as she’s holding everything at the moment, then the worries with MS….
I’m currently being tested at a hospital neuroscience department to try and identify where the problem is to try and address things.

I feel i cant do what i did before so I’m looking at other things, something more practical or physical….that side is impacted too much, dizzibess, some leg weakness. If I felt tired I relax a minute, but at the gym so trying to getter fitter so less impactive……..
All this and covid has changed the world!
I’m on ocrevua so shouldn’t get any worse at least, its old lesions playing havoc.
Do what you feel comfortable with……..if you continue to try to do something and i doesn’t work, that can cause frustration and stress,you don’t need that
Of course its a driver, so just take a balanced approached……