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1 week ago

If these are new symptoms that have lasted more than 24 hours have you alerted your care team? if you are having an attack it may be able to be shut down quickly with the massive steroid push that can be ordered. Of course it needs to be confirmed as an active lesion through an MRI…

For on-going maintenance there are also things you can try from stretches/activity, supplements and prescriptions. For a strange numbness in my upper thigh last year I was prescribed Gabapentin for a bit and switched to Gralise which is the extended release version and worked better for me. Months after that issue resolved I was having fatigue after about 30 minutes of activity so my Neuro prescribed Modofinal but insurance said no and said to try Amantadine first. I didn’t notice any improvement in fatigue but no longer got leg spasms in the afternoon or bedtime.

In addition I make sure to stretch thoroughly for at least a half hour a day (several times through the day as well) and do some non-impact strengthening work. I take Mg and make sure I have some calcium. I also take fish oil, Hi Cap C and Vitamin D3. There is much we can do besides our DMT to be in the best shape we can be-

Good luck! you will see lots of hits if you use the search glass for supplements, diet or exercise-