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5 days ago

@vixen I’ve had 2 failed LP attempts, 1 blind done by my neurologist, and 1 fluoroscopy guided by an interventional radiologist. Apparently I have a lot of arthritic bone changes in my lumbar vertebrae and they haven’t found a space to get a needle in to get a sample of fluid. Hopefully the CT will show a way through. The specialist has decided it’s PPMS based on no history of remission and no self antibodies or inflammatory markers in my bloodwork.
I am pushing for the LP, not wanting to be on DMTs until we know there’s something for them to work on, considering their side effects and hit-and-miss efficacy on PPMS.
@watsoncraig I’ll take a look at the MSgym, thanks for pointing me in that direction! I’ve booked time and a spot with leg weight lifting machines at my base gym this morning, we’ll see how that goes, it’ll be my first session there since COVID and my diagnosis.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. How often are folks in touch with your specialist or other MS clinicians? I’ve spoken to mine once, and seem him in person once since April this year, but haven’t been connected with any MS resources, I’m left to find info and resources on my own.