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1 week ago

That’s absolutely right @amyx, you have to find what works for you, as @itsmewithms says. In terms of diet, exercise, lifestyle choices. Some members have trodden the HSCT route, and as we know, it’s a very tough procedure. My limited knowledge is that there is just no long-term sufficient data to suggest whether or not this is successful. The 30-50% you quote isn’t a success rate, that’s the impact it can have on slowing things down. And given that 40 years ago there was zero chance, then it’s something that we generally grab. Although some people do go down the more naturalistic routes. I’m on Tecfidera; I’ve had no new lesions for 3.5 years, so I’ll take that. I followed a diet which helped me lose weight and retain energy – keto – but that doesn’t work for everyone. Take the time to explore these topics, but make sure you use authentic websites; this one, MS Society/Trust. I hope you enjoy feeling a part of things…..x