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2 weeks ago

Thank you so much @stumbler, @cameron, @itsmewithms and @dvtrv and @simone2 you have all made v valid points. I am so sorry for the late reply I haven’t been on here for quite some time. I have now been seen by a private neurologist who wants to do a full body MRI and I have an appt for Evoked Potential tests next week, I’m nervous but also so pleased to be getting somewhere! He was v understanding and I have been ref back to NHS for tests as I really cant afford an £2,000 MRI – I thank god for our NHS baring in mindnive worked for them most of my life and it’s a shame I’ve had to go private to get anywhere with it all. Will pop back on here a lil sooner nxt time.

Thanks again everyone

Doryblonde 😉