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1 week ago

Hello , I have just joined this group .. after about 25 years with symptomatic escapades of MS ,I have finally been told I have MS. I am not shocked becuase all the symptoms I have had point to this disease. I have have over 24 hyper intensities on my brain and they have grown since my last MRI, 13 of years ago. I think I have learned how to manage this disease but since I have reached 60 years old it seems like the symptoms have erupted again. I have just turned 64 and was diagnosed two years ago with chronic fatigue without any more investigation as to why I was always tired. In the back of my mind I wondered if it was due to the lesions I have on my brain.
Last August I had a high fever and was hurting all over, the inflammation stats were up , which happens with MS also. I had a numb face in February of this year and that is when the doctor I saw, ordered another MRI. that revealed the lesions I have had for over 20 years had grown. Thus the diagnoses of Possible MS.
I feel as though I have learned to handle the disease and right now am able to function on most days. I pray that I will always have my legs so I walk mostly every day , becuase if I don’t I know I won’t be able to . I have a great attitude so that is in my favor