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1 week ago

Also consider that “Nature can be too generous” and not every problem we have is MS ;-0 granted most of them are and about anything can be determined to be MS. In my last MRI it was noted that the nodule on my thyroid has increased in size. Apparently a lot of people (especially women) have these nodules and that didn’t concern my neuro when he saw one on my list since 2012. The issue is when there is a change in them as there recently was.

Then he asked me if I noticed any issue maintaining temperature or swallowing…and I said sometimes, that is just a MS thing…and he said it can also be a thyroid thing…so off I go for an ultrasound of the thyroid on Tuesday…he wanted me to drive across the city immediately on Friday for one…he was that concerned. I figured if it was in my MRI from months ago and then it took weeks for him to reschedule the appointment he broke last month I didn’t need to have an ultrasound within hours ;-0 but apparently this can be an issue. It is a holiday weekend so it couldn’t get scheduled until Tuesday and now I notice everytime I don’t swallow quite right or feel warm or cold ;-0

Not sure your age but I had a rather uneventful menopause and I was told that could always catch up with me and that sometimes it takes a few years before things like hot flashes can set it…always worth a visit to the GP