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2 weeks ago

Hi @nabla_rose_molloy Others have given lots of good advice already, so I’ll just add my thoughts.

First of all you’re already being really supportive by coming here and wanting to get advice – I was diagnosed with RRMS in July and my husband hasn’t looked at anything or shown much interest! I did make him look at a couple of Boster videos 😂

So, I’d say ask your partner what they need from you / how they want you to be, maybe understand that MS fatigue isn’t just feeling tired (if they get fatigued), don’t make ‘helpful suggestions’ unless they want you to, treat them like a normal person (I’ve been a bit taken aback by the ‘concerned’ reaction some friends and family have had – it’s well-meant but I find it slightly patronising). Maybe these are just things I’d want but I think others do too.

As I say, you’re already being really supportive by asking for advice here… 👏