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2 weeks ago

Welcome and thank you for being supportive of your wife in this time of great change and stress. This site will offer you good support and advice as will the MS Societies. I have also learned a lot from Dr Boster’s site so will include a link to his “message to the newly diagnosed” but he has hundreds of You Tube videos that are very digestible. He goes over many of the DMTs (treatments) available. It may be a bit US based and all treatments are not available in all countries so beware and the health care structures are radically different. Our issues are often the same 😉

Most of the more effective treatments now are “infusions” so given a couple of times over a matter of hours. Some people still take shots given through the week at home and there are some oral options as well. Be aware they function differently, have different side effects and seem to work differently for different people. Some people also seem to benefit more from different supplements, diets, exercises, etc. We all benefit from some of the basics, reducing stress, stretching, Vitamin D3 and not smoking.

This is the starter from Dr Boster but check out his channel for information on all things MS