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3 weeks ago

I went to Mayo in Rochester MN for a full cognitive workup last year, almost a full day of tests and diagnosis. I was sure they wouldn’t find anything as I tell my husband all the time that I am fine and he says my brain is a mess. So- they did find that my short term memory is worse than a typical 55 yr old but my logic and reasoning are still way above average as is my long term memory…so that helps determine where the problem is…he admits he has a bad memory and at least I have tests to show it isn’t me ;-0

So to compensate I take notes, try to write down important things I need to remember for short term or even send a text to myself if I don’t have paper and pen handy. I find ways to help myself.

I think they should offer cognitive tests regularly to MS patients but it took like 6 months to get into a Neuro Psych hand I had to drive 2 hours for the appointment I got! I figured I at least needed a base line if I may need to file for disability due to it in the future. The type of work I do is pretty cognitive (Business Systems Analyst in Accounting).

See if you can get a psych eval so you can define and track it. For now I use my smart phone for lists, reminders, etc. I try to compensate but it makes it rough! Good luck!