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2 weeks ago

Hi @adiwood

Things will get better, things MS related will also get in the way. Life will probably change for you a little but it’s important that you remember that you have the power to live with this diagnosis in a relatively normal way.
Life is hard, you have to be harder!
I am 7 years down the line from my diagnosis and I am doing well. I’ve had major ups and downs along the way but who hasn’t? I now take an oral DMT (Tecfidera) but I have also discovered CBD oil and that has helped with the leg spasms and helps curb my anxiety which due to my MS I suffer from now and then.
Things will work out for you, you need to accept your diagnosis and build yourself a network of supportive friends. Employment wise, keep going for as long as you can, work is the reason I still manage to live the lifestyle myself and my wife are accustomed too. We have two children, three dogs to support and it also helps pay for our Range Rovers. (Not bragging or anything but we work hard and play hard, because we STILL can)
A diagnosis of MS doesn’t mean you cannot achieve your dreams, you just have to look outside of the box and look at different avenues to achieve them.

“I get knocked down but I get up again” – Chumbawamba

Just noticed from your profile that you live in the best country in the world, so you’ll be fine…………