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3 weeks ago

Hello @adiwood, welcome to Shift! We have all been where you are now, and you are right in your profile in saying it’s one day at a time (as with life in general!)’ You probably feel up in the air at the moment. For most people struggling with a new diagnosis, the quest to find ‘the new normal’ is the main preoccupation. In truth, most of us would say that it takes about a year to fully process a diagnosis like this. Against the history of MS, now is ‘the best time so far’ in that there has been a rapid escalation of understanding, research and effective treatments over the last twenty years. And here you are. Briefly, the main recommendations for these early days: Don’t make any big decisions, you need to get your facts in order. Don’t google, always use sites like this, MS Society/Trust. Don’t overdo exercise but keep moving if possible. Eat and sleep healthily and don’t smoke. And, don’t write your life off; this is new, it’s a shock, but all your hopes and dreams are still open to you. Stress will have a really negative impact on MS, although it’s impossible not to feel stressed, I know. Reach out for help where you feel most comfortable. Take somebody to your early appointments to help you absorb and retain information. Don’t think about ‘not improving’ but focus on recovery; it might take time, but you will get there. Ask any questions you have to your MS team, doctor on here! The great thing about Shift is that somewhere in the world, somebody will be able to respond. All the best to you, deep breaths, yo got this…….x