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3 weeks ago

I was occasionally afflicted with eye twitching and read that it can be from imbalances (potassium and Ca?) or not enough Mg. Now that I take Mg as a supplement (as well as D3, fish oil and HiCap C) I haven’t had twitching for a long time. I also make sure to have a small glass of milk for Ca daily. I have a pretty constant ringing of the ears though 😉

As Dr Boster notes and Stumbler rightly suggests – “sometimes nature can be too generous” and we may get more issues than just MS to deal with…we are just regular humans – with a bit extra- after all ;-0 so it would be worth having checked out.

I was having numbness and burning in my left hand at one point that I was ignoring figuring it was “just MS” and my neuro disagreed with me and told me to take that to my GP. She told me to get a massage and check out some yoga. The massage revealed a 1st rib that wasn’t staying in position and recommended a Chiro. He did some adjustments over time and I also did some yoga and belly dance (there is a lot of posture and shoulder work with that, good core strengthening) and my hand no longer has the issue and I think my 1st rib is staying in place now 😉 so – some things can be fixed, everything isn’t “just MS, deal with it”. I’d check it out or see if you can resolve to feel better-