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3 weeks ago

Hi @rachel_fenn, welcome on board! Great that your MS team signposted you here, they are clearly very enlightened! Lots of mums on here with MS, so you have good company. It will most likely take a year to fully get used to the idea. And yes, don’t rush any big decisions for the time being. I guess the priority will be sustaining the most important thing, that of being a mum. Do you work?

The basic for the newly diagnosed are easy: eat well, exercise but don’t overdo it, make sure you sleep well and definitely don’t smoke. Stress has a real impact on our condition, so you need to ensure your pathway is as stress-free as possible. Easier said than done! Don’t forget, we have all been where you are now, and have all survived. And you will too. Take a deep breath, don’t worry about anything trivial, and take your time. With everything. You’ll be OK x