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3 weeks ago

Welcome to the forum that no one really wanted to know about or join ;-0 but thankfully it is here and we can all support each other. I was Dx 15 years ago so thought I had heard everything and experienced it all but this group has taught me so much and I realize how different each of our experiences is. This is a great place to start. You will see the tags at the bottom of your post and they will bring you to other posts with similar tags. You can also search any topics using the looking glass in the upper left. You can tag people in your notes or responses by using “@” in front of their handle. In the upper right you will receive notifications to check and can friend people to have private dialogues with. Wonderful resources on this group.

If course the MS Societies have good information and should be checked as well as Dr Boster’s You Tube channel. There is a lot to learn there and this is his starter message to the newly diagnosed

Ask what you want or search- welcome-