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1 month ago

Hi @aaron_holden, like you I had relatively minor issues which I largely ignored but went to the doctors a few years ago when I developed a painless limp which turned in to foot drop. They were chasing the cause of this foot drop up and down my body with various tests over the last few years and after some MRI scans of my brain and neck here we are. I told my employer, it made sense to as I’m a Police officer and there’s never been a more risk averse organisation to work for. I expected them to sit me in a dark corner and never let me out again but they have been fine and have made a few relatively minor adjustments so that I can keep going on response until/if I feel like I can’t any longer. I’ve been taking tecfidera for a couple of months now and have had no major problems with it. I was actually quite relieved when I got my diagnosis to finally know what the problem was. My colleagues always found it hilarious that I always tripped over non existant objects and I insist that those who know what’s up still take the pis# when I do.