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4 weeks ago

You’ve checked out the interweb….you’ve found individuals who still ride bikes n go hiking or jogging, n then individuals who can’t walk without falling over or hold a pen and write their own signature. (That’s me)…
That’s MS….it’s a lucky dip (but the luck is entirely relative🙄).
If you’re diagnosed but still able, then keep on top of your treatment plan n carry on as best as you can.
It’s hard to explain, but in simplistic terms, try to recover what you feel it’s taken from you, sometimes you’re head noodle will join in and surprise you by re learning…..the down side is, sometimes it’s a “done deal” n the noodles given up on being a trapeze artist🙂… in which case, it’s time to re assess n make the best of what’s available….n sometimes with small allowances (and a few weeks/months adjustment, if you’re lucky,) you kick it’s ass and you’re on top again.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I joined this forum, it’s that no matter how severe or unexpected ms symptoms present themselves….test it, every step of the way….n if it don’t achieve much then hey…’s not for the want of trying.🙂👍 shift you’re MS👍