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3 weeks ago

Welcome to our exclusive club no one really wants to be in 😉 but we are here together and supporting each other. There were many little signs that I discounted to other things until the MRI was conclusive that I had MS in 2005. There wasn’t much available for treatment then and I was put on Copaxone. It may have helped some but I continued to have a few attacks over the years, not bad and quickly resolved with steroids but the damage was done – the lesion is there. I’ve stopped having attacks but my condition slowly deteriorates…I can still get around and when walking longer distances or on uneven ground I use a walking stick- so really that isn’t too bad and I count myself fortunate. I’ve been bumped to Ocrevus for the last year and MRIs are stable. For me Maintaining status quo I am happy with 😉

It’s good you found this group for support. I’ve been hanging out here for about a year and love the great exchange of support and ideas from people all around the world impacted by MS as an individual or a caregiver. You can ask anything 😉 someone has been there!

There are a lot of tags under your post and if you click on them you will see posts of that topic and you can search any others using the looking glass in the upper left or look for people using the head in the upper right. You can “friend” people to have private chats and call out to someone by putting “@” in front of their nickname. If you want to learn more stick to credible sites like the MS Societies, Barts or some of Dr Boster’s You Tube collection- This is his message to the newly diagnosed but he covers all the various DMTs, diet, exercise, MS hacks, etc. good stuff