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1 month ago

@carole-ann_scott ‘when treatment is required’ and when does he think that is for what is a progressive disease?! Crikey. What would he do for a family member?

Mostly my GP helps with my symptoms if possible. The neurologist’s main advice was concerning pain relief. I had been on Amitriptyline 10-20mg at night for a while (Gabapentin did nothing at all to help) As I was in a relapse & in pain when I first saw Prof. He advised me to ask my GP change to Pregabalin. The MS nurse advised me that many of the patients are on 400mg plus doses twice daily. My GP started me on the lowest dose 150mg OMG. It knocked me out so much that I only took a single dose. Not for me. She also advised me that its a drug that can cause dependency which is important to consider.
I remain on Amitriptyline 20mg, it takes the edge off but doesn’t rid me of pain but I can feel that the disease is still active which reminds me to carry on self-care measures e.g. exercise, diet, meditation. If I was to take a higher dose I know it would knock me out. I sleep enough as it is.

On the MS Trust website there is a lot of good information about Treatment Decisions, as well as other matters. I have found it is vital to swot up on the facts so as not to go to appointments as a passive recipiant to Drs however senior or important they think they are 😉