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1 month ago

Hi @aaron_holden , you ask some obvious questions :-

– Is it likely to get much worse?

That’s the $64k question, one of which we’d all like the answer. Regrettably, there is no answer. The only predictable thing about MS is it unpredictability! So, your guess is as good as ours. We believe you can influence the progression of our condition by following the advice already given above.

– Do I talk to my employer?

It seems that you may have superseded this question. But, it is wise and you obtain the protection of the Equality act 2010. All of this will ease certain situations, e.g. time off for related appointments.

– Will medication help with symptoms?

There are certain medications which can help with symptom management. But, then there are Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs). These are powerful medications which aim to protect from further progression and gaining new, or worsening, symptoms.

It’s all very much a learning situation and we’ll be here to help your education.