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1 month ago

@angieh , ignore the technicalities of your recent MRI results, This is for the benefit of the medical profession. Just consider this as MS progression. Unwelcome, but to be expected with a degenerative, progressive condition.

What is clear is that your present Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT), Copaxone, is not up to the job in hand.

This doesn’t surprise me as Copaxone is one of the original DMTs and is a first line medication. There are better, more effective DMTs now available, which should be considered. You should take some time to read up on these DMT options, so that you can take an active role in any related discussion with your Neuro. The following is a good starting point :-

(This tool is UK-centric, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it as a reference point.)

You seem to have a few concerns that are presently “bugging” you. Write these concerns down as a list to discuss with your Neuro. Then you can dismiss these concerns until the appointment.