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Hi – It’ll be fine.
I had one done about 3 weeks ago before jumping ship to ocrevus.

You’ll probably go through all the info with your dr even if you’ve been through it before, then you’ll take up a side lying fetal position bringing your knees high to curve the spine.
then you’ll be anaesthetised and only when that’s confirmed as working they’ll begin.

It’s a weird sensation, you will feel pressure though no pain (your dr will tell you what to do if you do feel pain – i did, they just backed out and tried again, all fine).

Fluid collection takes a while (like 10 mins) since it drips out slowly, and then they’ll remove the needle and stick a plaster over.

movement can feel a bit wired for a while after, 24 – 48 hrs, but after this time you can remove the little plaster and get back to life as it was.

The trickiest thing for me was maintaining the fetal position – my legs felt like they wanted to spring out, so make sure you’re comfortable before they start and can maintain the position for a while.

Make sure you’re drinking way more than usual after the event, for the next 24h or so to avoid headaches.

I thought I was gonna need someone to hold my legs in place, but managed without them.

Best of luck – you’ll be fine!