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1 month ago

@bobbij – After tests earlier this year I was told by the general neuro that it was ‘probably benign MS, not to worry’ and was referred to the MS clinic – when the MS specialist called me to confirm that I had RRMS on July 24th I asked if it was benign and he said most people find the term patronising. He didn’t confirm or deny whether it was benign. To be honest I was like hey, benign sounded good to me! But seriously I think mostly – from what I’ve read – that the vast majority of MS specialists no longer use that term. Firstly it could sound patronising but also it maybe gives the wrong impression as the school of thought now is that even if your MS isn’t affecting you massively it is potentially smouldering away in the background, without symptoms. **If I am incorrect in this understanding, I hope others here will put me right as I don’t want to give bad advice – it is just what I have understood since dx**

I’d recommend watching Dr Aaron Boster on You Tube too – he has one for newly diagnosed and this one is him on ‘Does Benign MS exist:

Hope that helps, and that your MS stays as benign as possible…