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1 month ago

Hi @lucy_cook I was Dx in 2005 when my daughter was 3 and I was 40. I’d had a few unusual symptoms in the years prior to that that were discounted as things like a pinched nerve from excessive kick boxing exercise and other bunk. An MRI following a period of my foot sticking out at a strange angle confirmed MS.

That was when there weren’t many DMT options and I was put on Copaxone which is now viewed as not very effective but safe. It is actually one of the few felt to be safe during pregnancy. If you search Dr Boster’s site for “still role for Copaxone” he will say that though it isn’t seen as effective as other DMTs he does prescribe it in that situation.

This is his “wrap your head round your diagnosis” video and a good one to get started on. He has hundreds of MS videos that I have learned a lot from-

It takes time to absorb an MS diagnosis. For me it was because of it’s inconsistencies. I would have an attack and be really impacted, have some steroids and be totally fine and try to pretend it just went away. It doesn’t go away…it just hides and all attempts to limit the lesions that build up during the RRMS phase are critical to long term impact.

Welcome – you will find a lot of information and support through this forum-