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1 month ago

I took Gaba for many months to help combat “Meralgia paresthetica” which was causing numbness along the top of my thigh. I liked many things about it but felt that it delivered very uneven and when it peaked it felt like my blood pressure was elevated, etc.

A Dr friend of mine with Lupus (currently attacking her nervous system) suggested that I switch to Gralise. It is the extended release version and I like that much better. She pointed out that Gaba only lasts for 4 hours and peaks during that time and fades. You need to jump in before it is gone with another dose. This means for full day coverage you need to get up to several pills a day which took me a few weeks.

Initially it made me really sleepy too until you get used to it. I know it was prescribed for me after hip surgery but since it just put me to sleep and it said to take a bed time I just never took it and instead took a Tylenol PM ;-0 But I came to like it when I got used to it but switched over to Gralise which I found gentler on the system with a more even delivery.