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1 month ago

Thank’s for the welcome guys!

Tysabri has probably pulled me back from the brink. I see a private local physio about twice a week for something called Emmett therapy (it’s a bit like acupressure), which has helped with my mobility along with voice and swallowing. A can ‘walk’ unaided around my flat, but outside, I depend on my rollator and now a wheelchair if I’m going any distance. Vertigo was an unwelcome addition to my list of symptoms. My neuro thinks I’m on the verge of being SPMS. If/when it gets approved by NICE, my neuro thinks I’ll be a good fit for Siponimod (guinea pig time again).

One of my lesions is in the front of my brain in the area that controls emotions. This used to make me burst into laughter for no reason- embarrassing in an open plan office! If you’ve watched the movie “Joker”, you’ll know what I mean.
Fortunately, using CBD oil for 18 months has greatly reduced this symptom.
Even my neuro and MS nurse commented on the improvement.

I still work full time as a design engineer and drive an unmodified automatic car.