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1 month ago

I was Dx in 2005 and put on Copaxone (one of the only DMTs available at the time) and moved to Rebif in 2014 as my new Neuro did not like the attacks that I had occasionally gotten over the years and he thought I should have been switched already as more effective DMTs came along. No new lesions but a slow creep of symptoms so that pushed me into a SPMS classification. I’m with Dr Boster on this one and many other current Neurologists, we need to get past these labels and really look at the person and what is going on. It is MS, and then look at if there is progression or not, if it is active or not and how aggressive it is.These are some of the critical points and then decide how it should be treated-

I was on Gabapentin (with a DMT of Ocrevus) last year when I was having some numbness in my thigh (Meralgia paresthetica) and a Dr friend of mine with Lupus recommended I switch it up to Gralise when I told her that I didn’t like how Gaba kind of surged and seemed like it would make my heart race, etc. She said that the extended release action of Gralise would probably be more tolerable- and it was. I pulled off that when the numbness went away but my Neuro gave me a Modofinal prescription to help with fatigue (my right leg tires easily) but insurance recommended Amantadine instead…I don’t find it helps with the fatigue but it does shut down the afternoon and bedtime leg spasms…so I have continued taking that. I also make sure to take Mg, get some Ca each day and Hi Cap C as well as the standard D3 recommendation we all get 😉