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1 month ago

Sometimes I get in a funk and I can think no good thought or anything that I would like to do. It helps if I keep a list handy of fun projects or activities that I want to do and pick something from that to get going again. Sometimes it is just a call to an old friend that always seems to pick me up.

I remember when my daughter was young and she would wake up in a bad mood and I’d tell her the same thing my mom told me…some days are just going to be like that…and then we bought this book during one of her school book sales and when I’m having a bad day I chuckle as I think back to this book and found they put it in cartoon form on You Tube…just for me ;-0

Or you could look up the song “Tomorrow” from Annie or “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz…some days it takes all three 😉