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1 month ago


I realised very quickly how fortunate I am to be where I am. And I kinda knew a bit about MS before my diagnosis because I’m the type of person who kinda just goes off on tangents in life and will sit and read about things that aren’t (well wasn’t at the time) relevant to me in the slightest 😂.

I’m very fortunate that I actually changed my lifestyle greatly about a year ago, my diet is largely plant based and I incorporated lots of exercise into my life. This was so aid in weight loss after being borderline traumatised by a doctor telling me the reason I’m experiencing pins and needles is because I’m overweight. Lowe and behold, a year and a half later, it was MS the whole time. So I’m very fortunate that that side of things isn’t gonna be a huge overhaul that I’m going to do.

Smoking however is something that I’ve had to give up from the moment I got admitted into hospital. Fortunately I’ve not smoked for a great length of time. I’ve not smoked since last Tuesday which doesn’t sound like much probably to a lot of non smokers but to me felt like the impossible dream. Also how ridiculous I am for not being terrified by the prospect of cancer but being absolutely struck with the fear of God over MS and how it can impact that. But oh well. I hope to never smoke one of those disgusting things again.

Thank you for commenting on my first post. I’m really excited to get the most out of this forum ~