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1 month ago

Hello @sdkpi and welcome to Shift! So, that’s good you’re in London as you have great hospitals at your disposal; which are you with? Sorry that you’re so young and dealing with this, fresh on the tails of Covid. This has caused a backlog and delays in out patient treatment and getting advice on DMDs. Let me tell you that for most people, it can take up to a year to fully absorb and get used to what ‘the new normal’ looks like. Having a diagnosis may alter your path a bit, but always set your sights on what you want, even if that might seem impossible. You are young, and the rate at which research and medication is gaining pace has really sped up in the last 10 years. Treatments exist now for all forms of MS, some of which weren’t even licenced 5 years ago. So, avoid googling and always stick to registered sites like this, MS Society/Trust. Take really good care of yourself; good diet, exercise (but don’t overdo) and don’t smoke. Stress in all its forms has a real impact on diagnosed folk, so we have to learn to fine balance. You may be OK, but lots of us get really affected by heat, such as is today, or by taking hot baths/showers. Anyway, post any questions, you are in good company here 🙂 x