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1 month ago

Hello thank you all so much for your replies to my first post – very much appreciated.

@watsoncraig yes I have learnt even before the MS was diagnosed, to concentrate on the things I can do rather than can no longer do. In some ways it was good to get the diagnosis as it meant that I could finally access some support from the MS team – the MS nurses have been great and although there is only treatment for symptoms, I have had virtual physio appointments since the end of June.

I find it very comforting to know that I am not alone with dealing with MS, so I agree @stumbler about being stronger together. As supportive as my friends, colleagues and family are, I do not know anyone else with MS to talk to. Hence this forum provides the opportunity to share experiences and support one another.

I have read about siponimod @vixen and if I have understood it correctly there is a European licence for it but it is not widely available across the UK. If I do have SPMS, the consultant suggested that there would be no treatment. That’s why I would be willing to take part in trials – nothing to lose as I see it. Remyelination and neuroprotection do seem to be promising areas for new research. I hope the advances will come soon.