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1 month ago


I am on Tysabri. This is my second DMT, after I failed Copaxone by having back to back relapses while on it. I didn’t like jabbing myself 3x weekly but I think i could have done it…

Anyway, water under the bridge and you asked about Tysabri. I don’t have many side effects from it, and I’ve been on it almost a year now. JC negative, and I’m planning on staying that way as long as I can 😉

Most side effects revolve around some extra fatigue around infusion week. Sometimes when the nurse is setting the IV port i have a vasovagal reaction, but that’s just needles in general, not specific to Tysabri. So i take more naps, as though I have MS.

As a man, I don’t have any experience with pregnancy and tbh i haven’t looked into it.