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1 month ago

I would get annoying leg spasms when sitting around in the afternoon and then again right at bed time. Seldom would they be painful but they would prevent me from relaxing and getting to sleep. I also complained of fatigue that would set it, more like “heavy leg” on my right (side of drop foot and hip replacement), after about 30 minutes of use.

I was prescribed a drug for it (Modafinil) that my insurance company did not approve and suggested Amantadine. I don’t find that it helps the fatigue that builds after walking but it has shut down the afternoon and evening spasms so I like it for that. It also seems to impact spastacity. I will take what I can get 😉 You could see if that is an option- I have no idea if it is allowed during pregnancy as it is also used for Parkinson’s which is a different profile altogether 😉