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1 month ago

My issue with walking is primarily tied into my right hip and with foot drop on the right…could be the foot drop and weakness resulted in the hip failure over time. Need to watch that you don’t press on without a balanced gait and cause permanent damage as I may have ;-(

In recovering from the hip replacement I got a stationary bike I could set up in front of the TV in an exercise space. I make sure and use that on the front end of my workout time so loosen up and strengthen my legs without the fear of falling. I think that helps and then exercise doing things like squats (with as much weight as I can tolerate) and anything else to strengthen using resistance bands, etc.

I can make it about 30 minutes before the right leg just wants to quit and foot drop becomes worse. I just try to do as much as I can each day so that time doesn’t shrink and I keep a walking stick with me (more like a hiking stick than a cane) in case I start to lose my balance and feel wobbly.