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1 month ago

You don’t need to be in a hospital to get a hospital bed 😉 we have an adjustable bed as my husband had Lyme’s and to keep fluid from building up in his spine he has his side set in an unusual inchworm type of setting, I could never sleep like that ;-0 but it is what makes him comfortable. I can also set my side to elevate my feet and head which sometimes makes me more comfortable. That is the good point – it is adjustable to what I need at that time.

I agree with Stumbler a GP should have good advice about a swollen leg. I also didn’t feel that swell using Gabapentin to manage nerve pain last year. It helped but it seemed to peak and subside quickly. That make sense as it basically delivers over a 4 hour window. I moved to the extended release version called Gralise and it worked better for me.

Hopefully they figure you out…each of us is a unique case as MS is due to lesions that for all of us may be in different places. So while we all have the same disease we are all different. You will likely have a DMT prescribed to attempt to stop progression and if you are having an active flare I would think Sol Medrol would be considered for a short period to reduce inflammation. I suspect you are in this process:

But Dr Boster has some great information to learn from and the more you know the more and better questions you will ask 😉 and as you can see this site helps a lot and is very supportive. Hopefully they figure you out and you feel better soon-
The pain it was prescribed for has gone away so I did not renew my prescription and am now on Amantadine to help with afternoon and evening spasms and spastacity. This seems to help so sticking with that-