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1 month ago

Are these new issues for you or worsening issues? Do you have an active lesion, have you had an MRI to check? Whenever I have a new symptom for more than 24 hours I am to call in to my Neuro and he gets me in an MRI quickly to see if I should get some steroids to shut down the inflammation. It sounds like you are trying but need to have a way to escalate this. Others in your area should have advice on what your next recourse is-

Anything that affects my ability to walk, see or think is taken very seriously by my Neuro and immediate action is taken. If you are accruing lesions or worsening on this treatment path I would think changing to another DMT would also be considered. Not sure if you have checked out Dr Boster’s You Tube channel but a point he consistently makes is that if we thought of our DMTs the way you do birth control, wouldn’t you consider a different one if you kept getting pregnant ;-0 Good point- there are multiple options now that each are a bit different and if one isn’t working, well, the discussion should happen if it is still the right one for you. I stayed on Copaxone too long even once there were more options available so I wish I would have hear this advice then 😉

If you don’t get action out of your nurse or Dr can you escalate to a higher person at that clinic or would the MS Society give you any ideas? I know that I can also call resources at my DMTs contact line (I’m on Ocrevus now) if I am having symptoms to report or address…I’d keep calling up the chain until it is addressed…we need to be our strongest advocate…keep pushing 😉 others in your area will also likely have more ides- Good luck!