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1 month ago

Hi @whitneya, wow, really sorry you’re going through all of this. You are absolutely right, you do need time for yourself at the moment, this is all so new, and it usually takes up to a year for most people to process a diagnosis. As above, employment law and the Equality Act are there for people like you. It’s important for your workplace to realise that you are currently recovering. On Monday, ask them for an Occupational Health report; these are great for helping you and your employer make reasonable adjustments which enable you to continue. I would also get your doctor to sign you off, even for week. You need to make a plan; think about how you would like your life to look; for now, it might be that considering working part-time might help. Also, definitely consider some type of therapy/counselling. If you do leave your job, make sure it’s not because you feel beaten out, or that you you can’t cope. You need, and are entitled to support. This is a crazy time, and I’m really sorry you are so young and going through this. You deserve the same chances that any other 22 year old has; stay strong, accept all the help and support your family and friends offer. You will be OK, there is lots of support for you here x