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1 month ago

Hi, i was a very keen cyclist before I lost balance through this.
I had 4 normal bikes n was going to wait and see if anything improved through medication etc, but it’s taking so long that I bought a tadpole trike (two wheels at front n one at back) I’ve had a few goes in it and think it’s potentially the right thing, though fatigue n breathlessness are still an issue for me.
Tadpole trikes are low down which is a bit scary in traffic (confidence probably comes with time), and there a bit more costly than a conventional adult trike, but I know how one wheel at the front can tip you on your face if your not careful.
The cheapest tadpole trike is KMX Karts…that’s what I’ve got, but you get what you pay for so it’s low end, and I can imagine that If things worked out an upgrade wouldn’t be far behind.
Hope you sort something because I totally get where you’re at in respect of maintaining exercise and increasing distance potential.
Best wishes.