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1 month ago

Hi @emilymac

I’m glad you have found this site soon after diagnostic.

If your consultation was like mine, you were diagnosed and then given a few drugs to consider, and about which you should read. I’m going to ignore the fact I found this unbelievable at the time…surely I should have been advised what was best!

Different people will take different strategies to tackling what is a degenerative, incurable (at present) neurological condition. You’ll have those that do not want to take any drugs and manage a response with natural solutions and those that believe the only strategy for them is to take as strong a disease modifying treatment (DMT) as possible. There will be a range of responses inbetween.

I, independently, came to the view that if I am going to be going downhill, my best approach was to slam the brakes on … so I took the most potent drug suggested by my consultant which was Tecfidera.

I’ve been on it 4 years and it has worked well for me, no complaints as I have have found its side effects trivial when considering the beast that it keeps from my door.

Finally. (I know you didn’t ask for this) I have found this site has helped me keep a lid on anxiety as it enables me to gain a feel for where I am in the MS Universe. Therefore, enables me to put some realistic structure around my thoughts about my/my families future.

All the best